Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Moment In the Life of Me...

Email from my mom, 9:42 pm...

"hi sweetie,

Dylan asked me to email you and tell you that you left your phone
at the Chinese restaurant. I called, the lady still has it and does not
know fluent english. Nor did she know how to reach you. I told her
I would email you.

love, mama"

Apparently, I live and die by the mercy and grace of my family and
friends. Dylan, in Austin with his father for a month, realized that I
had left my phone (my only means of communication since we only
have a dedicated line for our burglar alarm and don't use a home
phone) at the restaurant when he tried to call a moment ago. Be-
ing the bright child he is, he called my MOTHER and told on me
(just kidding) had her email me so that I could go pick the bloody
thing up before the restaurant closes. They did all of this from
1200 miles away.

And yes, I DO feel incompetent. I'd dwell on it more, but I have to
get to China One by 10 pm ;)~


Sydney said...

P.S. the lady at the Chinese restaurant (who by the way is very beautiful) was nice about the phone. You know, while she laughed at me. Delicately. As only petite Asian women can. I thanked her profusely. Can you imagine an entire Sunday without my phone? Oy!

Nit Wit said...

The course of life in the high tech computer age. I started working in the silacone world when chips were a gleem in a transistors eye and I still get a kick out of the ways people use all the magic in their day to day lives.
I can't picture living without all my high tech crap anymore, but I've always been a gadget junkie.
It's really nice the phone just didn't vanish.

Nit Wit said...

Another 10 years and I'll learn to spell. I'll have a chip installed in my mellon. :)