Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Canadians Are Coming!

Seriously. This weekend, my newest customers - the latest devo-
tees of the chicken pimp are coming to town. With their wives.
Have I ever mentioned that wives never EVER like me? They
don't. It's because I have NO CLUE what women talk about.
Honestly, I have no clue what men talk about socially either. But
at least I can usually talk to them about either work or sex and
we're pretty safe.

Ok, safe might not be the best word for it but... the conversation
will work. You know? In all actuality though, if I could talk about
anything, I would be discussing various things which absolutely no-
body but me is interested in.

It would go something like this:

Me: Have you ever thought about the parellels between Machia-
velli's "The Prince" and the "The Art of War"? I mean, presumab-
ly Machiavelli didn't really mean everything he said in "The Prince"
He was just trying to get into the good graces of the Borgias. So
he's not really as Machiavellian as we've been led to believe
whereas in "The Art of War"..

Any Guy: That girl that owns that new restaurant's really got a set

Me: Yeah, I think she used to be a stripper in Switzerland. Umm,
so do you know anything about contract law in the state of Georgia?
I'm trying to research any and all cases I can find on piercing the
corporate veil, especially as it refers to...

Any Guy: Yeah, I'd like to pierce your veil all right

Me: Wanna beer?

So anyway, my friend and business associate in L.A. thought it would
be fun, given my distinct lack of facility in relaxing ANYWAY to in-
vite not only these new Canadian customers AND their wives, but
also, my friend and customer John from Detroit and HIS girlfriend.
Oh, and his brother. So that they could all come up and we could
do business while having a RELAXING fourth of July weekend.

We've rented a huge pontoon boat so we can all go out on the lake
and get drunk, so that takes care of Sunday. 3 women and 5 guys
on a pontoon and me the only single girl while the wives and girl-
friend sit in the corner and snark about me because I'm single and
blonde. The girls aren't going to want to talk about the corporate
veil EITHER.

Should be FUN FUN FUN

So when you're out on a boat entertaining customers is it permis-
sable to just, you know, pick up a book and read?

Shit. I didn't think so.


kathi said...

Oh, darlin', you and I are way too much alike.

Icewind said...

I'm glad to see you are doing ok and healing nicely now.

I go back and forth between sites now and again for your next series of life lessons.

Keep it up!

Have a great outing.


Sydney said...

Oy! You're taking life lessons from me? lolol