Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Guess What???

My dad was released from the hospital last night! Yayyyyy!!! I
am SO happy! He is in a lot of pain though. I got my first good
night's sleep last night and slept til about 9:30am today then went
into what turned out to be a very long day at work. I am so be-
hind! Then I went to visit my dad at his house and I hate that he
is hurting so much but he does look good.

By the way, of all four of us who were in the room a lot, guess
who left the hospital with a staph infection? Yep! That would
be the immune compromised ME. Now, I am SUPER HAPPY
that my dad didn't get a staph infection, nor anyone else actually.
But why do I always have to pick up every damn germ floating

And UNFORTUNATELY, it's on my FACE. Very unattractive
but the doctor said we were lucky to catch it this early and I'm
on Cipro since this morning. Lovely. This is the second staph
infection I've had and I knew immediately that's what it was.
Lovely. Just lovely. LOL

I had a blood count taken today to see how well my procrit is
working and I'll get the results of that tomorrow, but I have a
feeling its going to come out well because I am starting to feel
better and I have more color and all of that good stuff. Plus, my
migraines seem to be under control lately.

So now if the chicken market would just turn around and people
could quit hitting my damn car then life would truly start look-
pretty damn good. LOL


coloradohurricane said...

Good to hear your dad is out of the hospital.

I got a staff infection when I was a little kid. The doctor said if they had caught it 12 hours later, they'd have had to amputate my leg.

soonerfan78 said...

I am so glad he was released..when all the dust settles, you might want to consider locking yourself into a sealed compound impregnable of natural disaster, famine, disease or human mishap....seriously, it has got to be a relief that he is home...now if it is possible, get some rest freind.

Amelia Sartoysha said...

That's great news, Syd. You deserve good news right now!

apositivepessimist said...

YaaY fer dad. boo fer staphy...what is it like a cold sore or something?

DGS1234 said...

Great News, Syd! Take care of yourself, Vit C, Zinc, Mexican antibodies, etc; lol. Mainly-REST,
something you haven't done now for awhile. I'll order chicken tonite in your honour.

Hazy said...

I am so happy that your dad is home. Sorry about your staph infection. Take care!

longthought said...

I so happy to head your dad had finally been released from the hospital. That was a long journey for you. Cipro is ugly stuff but it does beat the alternative. It's nice to see your voice again.

longthought said...

That was supposed to be hea(R) NOT (d).

Denise said...

Great news! (Well, except for the staph infection):)

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Now both you and your dad can settle down and get better :-)

I've had staph twice, as well. Both time caught it at the gym. You are right, once you've had it you know what it is right away...eeww!

The Scarlett said...

Do not take zinc while on Cipro as it can render Cipro ineffective. Also avoid antacids.

Take care of yourself. Staph infections can be very serious. I've had several that required intravenous intervention ... not fun.

mrshife said...

Good news about your dad, and I hope you are feeling better.

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you Dad is home. . . I hate hospitals. . .

Please, get some rest. Don't run yourself down any more than you already are.

By the way. . . Whay IS UP with the chicken market? Local stores are giving it away. Good for me, but that's got to be hurting your business.

Take care. . .


leo myshkin said...

great news on your dad!! have you seen "my name is earl"?

last night earl's ex wife was teaching her chinese competitor manicurist to speak english, the phrase she taught her, "i have big infection"

a classic.

Gold-Coloured Glasses said...

Great to hear your dad's doing fine. I'm not sure what a staph infection is, but any infection sounds gross to me.

Liberallikejesus said...

Hey Chicken pimp, e-mail me at klfinternational at yahoo.com, heard you have Crystal M's number Could you call her and tell her to check her e-mail? Also e-mail me so we can get back in touch. I'm launching my book project, I just want RSL to be the first visitor as she helped out a lot. Talk later...slut!! ;)

LiterallikeJeebus said...

Wow, a lotta buddies here!! Who all is here? I wanna round up so I can invite them all to my project, But find RSL first!
O.K. later you saucey little chicken tender...mmm-mmm!! Scrumptious...

lisa said...

glad to hear your dad is home. how did you catch a staph in a HOSPITAL!?!? only you, i suppose! :)

Sydney said...

LOLOL Yes, Lisa... ONLY ME

And thanks a LOT LiblikeTHEJ, I called, hub who doesn't she talks to blogs answered, very awkward. I think I pretended to be the avon lady. Yeah. It was beautitul. They'll prob get a divorce now. NICE

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney.

Just a question: I tried to access that blog "formerblogster.blogspot.com", and all I get is the error page.

Has it been deleted?

Please reply in your comments, as I don't have my blog set up here yet. Thanks!

erna (seareach)

nicole said...

Definitely glad that your dad is better! :)

I'm dealing with a sick again/well again mother who does her best to avoid going to the doctor. Even though she promised me she'd be more accepting of medical care after she was released from the hospital a few years ago. She lied.