Saturday, November 12, 2005

Palm Springs

Dylan and I did have a lot of fun in Palm Springs. We didn't get to
stay at the Villa Royale this time though due to our company grow-
ing so much over the past year. This year we stayed at a place
called the Parker. Over the past few months, the Parker has been
completely remade with an Eames era style motif in mind. It's kind
of cool if you like that sort of thing. Kind of grows on you I guess.
Its not really my thing but it was kind of cool for a once in while
visit. Pretty much, I'd thought that the retro thing had already
been kind of done to death but this is an ultra trendy hotel so ap-
parently I'm just, you know, WRONG. Definitely NOT the first or
the last time for THAT.

Oh, and Matthew Perry was there. I think someone in our
group managed to get a picture of him bending over. So basically,
a photo of his ass. I personally try not to fall all over celebrities.
Its this weird pride thing I have where I refuse to to acknowledge
them as more important than other people. Plus, I think they de-
serve to have a private life sometimes too. But anyway.

In any case, the Parker remains a very luxurious hotel with EX-
CELLENT food ( my #1 concern anyway - the FOOD). The
daughter of one of our company's principal's died unexpectedly
shortly prior to the trip, which put kind of a damper on part of the
weekend. And I'm still a little low energy (although I did put in a
good night of drinking last Friday night since Dylan went to bed
early), anyway, Dylan was kind enough to take most of these pho-
tos so that we could share them. If it doesn't bore you too much,
you can check out our vacation photos below:

And last but not least, me, VERY VERY intoxicated.
And no, Dylan didn't take this one, he was already asleep.


angel, jr. said...

A picture of Matthew Perry's ass? Well, I'm sure someone will want it. As for me, I don't like to fall all over celebrities. Their job is to entertain, it's what they do. I don't fall all over and snap pictures of my barber when I see him out on the town.

Sydney said...

I couldnt agree with you more Angel, that's the way I feel about it too.

Swifty said...

Don't confuse celebrities with entertainers. Most or all entertainers may be celebrities, but nowadays a celeb is simply someone who is in the public eye. Anyone for Paris Hilton?

Matthew Perry's ass? Now that could start a a new trend and hopefully deflate their egos if we insist on photographing their arses.

mrshife said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time. Glad to have you back.

AndyT13 said...

Nice pix! Looks like a good time. I hope all is well with your dad...and you! Cheers!

Chief Blogster said...

nice happy drunk you are ...