Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oddly Enough

On the way home yesterday my stepmom and I just happened
across this flock of geese so I pulled over and snapped a few
photos that I thought I would share since like, I'm holed up
here at the hospital with my puter.

huh. They don't look as clear as they do on flickr for some reason.
This is my first experience with flickr though so I may not be doing
it right. My public acct there is under sydala or

Don't email there though I never check it. Email me at: Bye for now!


Blogdreamz said...

Those are awesome picture. I am blind anyway to know if they are focused or not. LOL! How is Dad doing by the way? And, are you getting enough rest yurself? You will be no good to him if you are runned down.

Denise said...

Better than a flock of seagulls! LOL

Yes, I wasn't that funny.

soonerfan78 said...

I think they are cool pics, lots of holiday meals in those pics

apositivepessimist said...

aw frigging great i had some comment then i got side-tracked by the band “a flock of seagulls”...*looks at denise*...maan i remember the lead singer had some funky hair happening...fugly little dude but.

Hazy said...

Those are great pictures Syd. I am so glad your dad is doing so well.

How are you doing? We'll talk soon. Take care!

Sydney said...

Thanks for all the well wishes about my dad folks and yeah, I remember Flock of SG, AP. Now you're getting me all nostalgic like for Human League, Joy Club, Book of Love... Wait, am I saying the names of real bands now? Fuck, I'm OLD! Agggh!!! Ahhh those good ole days LOL

bye the way Suze, dig the moose ;)

Cindy said...

dgs1234 asked for you site here, I sent him an email... just a heads up. :-)

steller said...

i love the pictures too! i take photography lessons now from this guy i met in webdatedotcom.. his pictures are excellent too.. he has his sample stuff on his profile and i was really impressed.. glad your dad is well by the way...