Friday, November 25, 2005

So My Dad

Got moved out of ICU Wednesday night and my stepmother and I
have been staying here together with him since then. Ahhh, family
unity and joy at its finest. I've been staying downstairs ever since
the surgery even at night while she went home an hour away so
the doctor came to talk to me when they moved my dad and I had
no idea he hadn't come to talk to her. She was FUCKING LIVID.

Plus, he didn't come back til the next day. She accused me of it be-
ing my fault they were moving him to a regular room. I said, umm
I think a regular room is supposed to be a good thing (bitch) ok, that
part was under my breath. She said, if only one of us can stay I'M
STAYING WITH HIM. I said, oh, so NOW you want to stay. I
said, probably both of us can stay. And we can. So joy of joys, the
three of us are together in a room. My stepmom, my dad and me.

She gets yelled at a lot. Which is good. My dad is doing better
when he starts yelling. I don't get yelled at much because I just
Don't GET YELLED AT MUCH. And even sick, my dad knows
better than that. I finally got them to put him on a pain pump
yesterday and he's doing really great. He may get to go home
early next week.

He did, get this, pull out his nasal gastric tube in the middle of the
night because he SAYS he had a dream he was at a bbq. I said,
and what, everyone was dancing around pulling out their ng tubes?
I don't think the doctor bought the story either. It's earned him a
few more days with no food.

"Or it gets the tube again."


Lauren said...

Hi Sydney. . . Glad to hear the your Dad is making progress. I know it's been a difficult few days for you.

As you can see, I moved myself over hear to Blogspot. All the crap going on on Blogster is just too much. The new format sucks and they seem intent on booting anyone they want for any reason. I'll give them a reason to boot me later today.

Stop by and say howdy when you get a minute.



Babs said...

They just booted you at Blogster.
Guess the buzzards finally woke up this morning. I was going to give you more blog eyes!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they booted you Sydney....I will still read you on here. Those bastards!!!


Sydney said...

LOL Yeah... I noticed when I went to post and I umm... wasn't like... there.

I gave them until Monday to give me my archives before I seek legal action. After all, it is my intellectual property, work product, etc. And they booted me for what? Profanity, criticizing them? Being popular and bringing bloggers to their site? LOL Whatever.

Maybe its time to start up blogrodeo eh? ;)

Denise said...

Hey...sorry they booted you. They are morons AND they wasted their money when they bough Blogster because I can guarantee it's gonna go belly up!

Clance' McClannahan said...

Hi Syd ...came by to say hi and leave the new link and grab yours. Hope your having an ok day...

Clance' McClannahan said...

Whoa...I just signed on said hi and THEN read your comments...They got you too!!
...Damn I was hoping you could post my link for me...Too Late....that's what I get for sihning off to take a shower and feed my self**lol**