Sunday, November 13, 2005

So Get This

My boss keeps telling me that I need to read Machiavelli. Specifi-
cally, The Prince - which is basically a how-to manual on how to
govern (in a very diabolical and twisted way) written by Machia-
velli in the 1500's and probably based on one of the Borgias (an
infamous and corrupt ruling family in that same time period).
(Hey, we're in sales - what can you expect)

Due to this treatment written by Machiavelli, as many of you al-
ready know, I'm sure, when someone is very devious and goes
about getting what they want in a very deviant and underhanded
but successful way, they are frequently called Machiavellian. So
anyway, this has long been a request and topic of conversation as
apparently some of the administration really admire the tactics in
The Prince. I've always pretended like I don't know what they're
talking about, but hello? I was a writing minor and a psych major

Funnily enough, I HAVE read The Prince. In college no less. I final-
ly emailed my boss and said, umm... by the way, Machiavelli never
believed what he wrote in The Prince. In fact, Machiavelli was never
Machiavellian. He wrote The Prince in an attempt (which backfired)
to flatter the Medicis and get them to put him back into political of-
fice. They were not amused to be seen as so cruel and the entire
plan backfired on him. He never did regain political office. His real
works can be seen in in Discourses on Livy. I also reminded him that
the Borgias, upon at least one of whom The Prince was thought to
have been modeled, never DID come to a very good end...

Anyway, both of these two are interesting reading if you are at all
interested in this sort of thing. And... There you have it.


angel, jr. said...

I would have squeezed my left testicle dry to see the look on your bosses face.
I can't stand when people talk just to hear themselves talk. It sounds more like the type of person who read the "Cliff Notes" and then pretends that they understand the book, using quotable quotes to cover up their real lack of knowledge.

coloradohurricane said...

Machiavelli's Prince was required reading in my college political science class.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Ugh- my boss once left "The Millionaire Next Door" in our office for us (I doubt he could have kept up with The Prince)- I told him if he wouldn't be so stingy, I would be the millionaire next door. :)

Chief Blogster said...

isnt there a special place to wish you happy birthday?

25? 26? 27?

Sydney said...

Ummm... my b-day is Feb 28, Pisces and all that. You know, lot's of ambition and smarts but a little too dreamy to quite make it happen? That's me.

Sydney said...

27? lol boy don't I WISH!