Monday, December 26, 2005

Still Alive

Ok So... You've probably all heard of the Dead Pool list right? It's
a this list where people submit a list of 25 people they think or
hope will kick off during the next year and there's a pool of money
and he/she with the most names croaking by the end of the year
wins. So anyway.

I thought about joining, but I didn't have the heart to actually bet
on and then ROOT for people to die. I mean, given my own medi-
cal problems it even seemed a little bit like you know, bad karma.
So instead, I came up with a list of people who have reached a time
in their lives when they, like my dad, and perhaps even me, have
been around for awhile and should let people know that they are
still out there and lucky to be there for another bend around the
ol' twist in the New Year. Pssstt... You may feel that a couple of
'em don't really even deserve it, but as it's said...

"even the wicked get worse than they deserve." Willa Cather

Happy New Year EveryOne!

And Without Further Ado, The Still Alive List for 2006:

june allyson
bob barker
ingmar bergman
joey bishop 87
ernest borgnine
jack kervorkian
p.w. botha
ray bradbury
helen gurley brown
mel brooks
james brown
art buchwald
ross perot
red buttons
robert byrd
Frank Cady
Sid Caesar
kitty carlisle
pierre cardin
walter cronkite 89
yvonne decarlo 83
Doris Day 81
Olivia De Havilland 89
Dino De Laurentiis 88
Kirk Douglas 89
oan Fonaine 88
Betty Ford 87
Glenn Ford 88
John Forsythe 89
Milton Friedman 93
Zsa Zsa Gabor 86
John Glenn 84
Dody Goodman 90
Robert Goulet 72
Curt Gowdy 86
Billy Graham 87
Andy Griffith 79
Merv Griffin 80
Robert Guillaume 78
Alexander Haig 81
Monty Hall 82
Paul Harvey 87
Leona Helsley 85
Jesse Helms 84
Edmund Hillary 85
Lena Horne 89
Henry Kissinger 82
Jack Klugman 83
Deborah Kerr 84
B.B. King 80
Monte Irvin 86
Van Johnson 89
Frankie Lane 92
Charles Lane 100
Lyndon LaRouche 83
Art Linkletter 93
Norman Lear 83
Meadowlark Lemon 75
Claude Levi-Strauss 97
Herbert Lom 88
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 94
Karl Malden 93
Nelson Mandela 87
George McGovern 83
Robert McNamara 89
Ricardo Montalban 85
Howard Metzenbaum 88
Stan Musial 85
Augusto Pinochet (Ugarte) 90
Oral Roberts 87
David Rockefeller 90
Andy Rooney 86
Liz Taylor
James Van Allen 90
Abigail Van Buren 87
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 83
Kurt Waldheim 87
Eli Wallach 90
Miike Wallace 87
Joseph Wapner 86
Shelley Winters 85
John Wooden 95
Jane Wyatt 94
Jane Wyman 91
Alan Young


Lauren said...

I just saw Jack Klugman on Tony Danza's show yesterday. He's made an amazing comeback from his throat cancer.

Jack Kevorkian has been in the news here recently. He has petitioned the state to have his sentence commuted. The Governor has refused so far. His health has deteriorated quite a bit this past year. I met him breifly several years ago, just prior to his conviction. Very nice man actually.

One that isn't on your list. . .

Lauren Bacal. . . I think she is now in her early 80s. . . My favorite actress from the 40s and 50s. . .

Hope your Dad is doing better!!!


yellowdog granny said...

damn........i thought some of them were already dead...who knew?

Rex Venom said...

Hope your list doesn’t jinx anyone….
Rock on!

Jenn Lemon said...

WOw Some of these I didn't know were still alive. A few I did know. What a list!!!


lostinthetriangle said...

sad part is we will loose at least 10 on that list in 2006.

Hi Syd hope you had a great holiday, may the great chicken bless you in 2006!

Sydney said...

Hi Lost. Do you have an email address? I needed to ask you a question.

nicole said...

OMG, this reminds me...did ANYONE catch Dick Clark last night on "Rockin Eve???"

First, I was amazed that he was even back on the air after having a stroke. But when I heard him speak...not being mean sounded like they'd reanimated a corpse. You honestly couldn't understand most of what he was saying and they'd barely show him ON camera because he was in such bad shape.

They made sure to have Ryan Seacrest riding shotgun to fill all the awkward "is that REALLY Dick Clark" silences. Don't be surprised if it's Seacrest's OUT Rockin Eve next year...

Sydney said...

I couldn't bear to watch. I KNEW it would be like that. I knew they'd be proppin' the poor bugger up just so they could pass the torch on to Ryan S.

I wasn't sure if he'd even be alive so I was just too squeamish to tune in. Seriously, its just so sad...

Anonymous said...

Glad someone put a list together like this. You might want to add Wink Martindale (72), Ann Jeffreys (83), Shirley Temple(78), Kathryn Grayson(84).

Anonymous said...

Shelley Winters is dead!!!
Liz Taylor is 82