Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Dad is Better

But bitchy. Very very bitchy. He resides constantly in the land of
you should have done, you should do, why didn't you, you really
need to, etc. I apparently have done NOTHING right in the past
38 years and I am in no danger of accidently fucking up and pul-
ling off a correct decision anytime in the near future.

However. This is all good. It means that my father is entirely
back to normal. I mean, save for that 18" incision across his lower
abdomen. That's gotta suck. I KNOW it still hurts. The doctor
sent him home with EXACTLY 30 painkillers, and those were on-
ly lortab 50o's. And of course, being my dad, he was not about to
ask for more. And he forbid me to do it for him. So anyway. Fine
then. Suffer. Whatever. Uggh!

But at least he's ok. I wanted to give everyone that update. And
I wanted to thank all of you for your support and encouragement.
Quite honestly, I didn't think he would make it through this one
so I am unbelievably grateful.

And there you have it.


nicole said...

SO glad to know that your dad's feeling better and he's gonna pull through this! :)

Try not to pull TOO much of your hair out though. ;)


Anonymous said...


he'll leave off you once he has a more normal life again...maybe.

seareach ;-)

chattymoon2012 said...

Just stopping happy your father is much better (as you said, him being grumpy is a good sign, he he) He should have a few more painkillers tho, why do guys think its not "manly" to take something to help with pain?Hoping you are doing finr yourself, love and hugz,