Monday, December 12, 2005

Mo' Movie Schtuff

So today I watched, of course, more (what turned out to be B)
movies. One with Katie Holmes called Abandon. Absolutely
awful. And I like to find things to love about Katie Holmes films.
You know, Katie pre-cult cum mini-cruiser bearing vehicle. But
nothing doing with this one. Currently I'm watching Mercy. The
only good thing about this film is that you get to perv on Peta
Wilson. And you get to flirt with both lesbianism AND S&M
in the SAME film. Although truthfully, the S&M in this film is
far from erotic. The lesbianism is a little hot though.

The only thing better than that is the realization that Peta
looks hot in the film and she is very close to my age. Bad point -
the film was made in 1999. Good point - although Ellen Barkin,
who was formerly kind of a hottie, is looking distressingly a little
ummm... distressed, err... aged. I looked her up and she IS 13
years old than I am. Bad point - the film was made in 1999.
Right. That means I only have seven years to go until my first
face lift.


David Amulet said...

The sad thing about Tom and Katie's crazy antics of late is that they overshadow their acting skills. Tom isn't the best actor of his generation, but he's in the top tier. Katie isn't the bright new hope of Amercian cinema, but she's got more potential than most. But it's just so much more fun to focus on their personal lives, isn't it??

-- david

Lindsey said...

You're have nothing to worry about.

I used to like Kelly Clarkson until the whole TomCat thing...they've just gone downhill since then.

nicole said...

Facelift? Not. Even. Hardly.

Great movie synopses, though. :)

angel, jr. said...

I use to like Katie Holms too, very wholesome, quite a turn-on. Not anymore though.

soonerfan78 said...

Wasn't Ellen in the movie "Sea of Love" with Al Pacino?...she WAS hot in that movie...maybe I am confused...oh well...she used to be hot.

coloradohurricane said...

I think Katie Holmes jumped the shark the moment she started dating Tom Cruise.

.Ben. said...

lesbians is whores.

Sydney said...

Sooner, that was her, and she WAS hot in see of love.

Ben, you're so uptight sometimes...

Sydney said...

err... Sea of Love rather. Maybe that was Freudian or something.

lilly said...

I used to love Katie, but now I am sooo tired of hearing about Tomkat that she annoys me... There is a such thing as too much publicity!

yellowdog granny said...

remember when she played in the "big easy" with dennis quaid? now that love scene was hot....very hot...
is it warm in here?

Sydney said...

It WAS hot. Anyway, I love that film. Corruption in the south at its finest. Great stuff.