Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Or as Rodney King might have aptly put it at one point in time...
"Can't we just all get along?"

No but seriously, this is a trend that I've noticed and it disturbs
me. It causes me to question the moral decay and cruelty that ap-
pears to run rampant among more individuals that I'd care to be-
lieve could possibly allow themselves to think and to behave in
this manner. I listen to it on radio shows, see it on chat boards
and talk shows, and in general it just causes me extreme wonder
and, well, dismay.

Or perhaps I'm wrong and I'm just a patsy, a dope who doesn't
"get 'IT'" myself. Perhaps it is all about holding to a certain line
of demarcation come hell or high water. No compassion for your
neighbor and no consideration for what they may or may not
have to go through. Sometimes I feel as though I am incorrect
in my own weakness and these others who seem so sure of them-
selves in their hate are strong.

One thing is certain though, I cannot change how I am. And more
frightening still is the fact that most probably, neither can they.

There are a number of things I do not understand in this world.
I'll begin.

When someone dies, regardless of how you feel about the manner
of their death or whether or not they may have contributed to it in
the manner in which they chose to live their life (extreme sports,
chasing wild animals for the pure love of conservation and nature),
the aftermath of the death is NOT the time to criticize the indivi-
dual, in front of his or her family and friends for safety standards
in which you feel they should have been more observant. No, in-
deed the time is to reach out and comfort the survivors and re-
member that person for the good he or she did.

I bring you the following boards for an example of some of the
hideous things that have been said following Steve Irwin's (The
Croc Guy's) death.

Steve Irwin

It even looks a bit better now because they've cleaned up many
of the worst posts with people saying, of all things, that they were
glad he was dead.

And then there is Ann Coulter. I don't understand why people
can't disagree about political parties with becoming so vehement-
ly hateful and without slinging the worst type of mud and hate back
and forth. If you have a difference of opinion with someone else over
how the country should be run, why must it be SO VICIOUS?

Ms. Coulter

And... I suppose that is all. For now.

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