Saturday, August 26, 2006

Top Ten

If you have any candidates for the MICHAEL JACKSON FACTOR
list, please feel free to list them in response. Here are my favorite
top ten. In order.

1) Michael Jackson
2) Tom Cruise
3) LaToya Jackson
*If it turns out that LaToya and Michael really are the same
person then you know, mea culpa -- Bygones and all that.
4) Paula Abdul
5) Gary Busey
*I actually sat at La Zona Rosa in Austin next to this guy at the
height of his most OBNOXIOUS (I hope) days. He came in
with some blonde hag of a woman, wasted - and yelled at the
poor waitress, "I told you, NO FUCKING SALT ON MY MAR-
GARITA!!!" Then he proceeded to berate everyone in the
place because they couldn't tell him where Willie Nelson and/
or his picnic was (it was that time of year in Austin). Classy
6) Star Jones
7) Sean Young
*Remember the James Woods & Catwoman debacles?
Well she is still at her bizarre hi-jinks <--- Oh the humiliation.
8) Ok, so I only got to eight and then I thought about putting
Tara Reid but that seemed a little cruel. I think she may
come around if she ever sobers up.

PLUS - I'm starving and the really cool Chinese restaurant
where I always accidentally leave my cell phone behind is just
down the block...



Danny said...

How about Crispin Glover?

I saw the infamous appearance on David Letterman. It was truly bizarre.

kathi said...

This was funny, and I agreed with them all. Though, I was kind of sad to hear that about Busey, always kind of liked him.

Sydney said...

Man, I read a transcript of CG's David Letterman interview and it was hysterical Danny!

although... I don't know if he qualifies for MJF (Michael Jackson Factor) since seemingly he got BETTER after the incident instead of weirder. From reading the transcript though... I would have suspected adult onset schizophrenia and that maybe he's on meds now. Or, you know... just some REALLY BAD DRUGS.

Danny said...

There are video clips floating around the web, and it's even better to see it. I highly recommend it.

Let me know if you want me to find a link for you.

Sydney said...

Danny, I would love to see the Crispin deal if you can find a link. I could only find a transcript and even READING it was damn funny.

Danny said...

Two YouTube links...

Poorer quality, has the segment from the very beginning, ends when Letterman walks off.

Much better quality. Oddly cuts off about the first 1:15 of the segment, BUT has Letterman's reaction after the commercial.

I think the first part of the segment is important/helpful to the whole thing. I'd watch the 1st link for at least 1:15 then switch to the 2nd link to get better quality and Letterman's reaction afterwards.

Sydney said...

Ok, tell me Crispin did this on purpose and worked it up with Dave in the back. Otherwise um...