Thursday, September 14, 2006

Boycott Max Factor

Not that I use their tacky cosmetics anyway, but... apparently
SOMEONE has been spreading the cash around because for
SOME reason our "own," oh wait, our own? are we really sure
about that? ostensibly our United States Marshalls (or people
dressed just like them) have arrested Duane "Dog" Chapman,
the bounty hunter who went to Mexico in 2003 to arrest Max
Factor heir Andrew Luster.

Many of you may remember this story, which is rather infa-
mous in the annals of "true crime" lore. Luster had, at the
time, been arrested and was in the midst of a rather lurid trial
on charges that he had, over a period of time, drugged several
young women and then filmed himself whilst raping them in his
home. Since he taped the encounters, he literally handed the
state the evidence against him.

Several of the young women were teenagers during the time
that the crimes occurred. Most had no idea that they had been
violated until word of the case's investigation leaked into the
press and they were contacted by the police and the D.A. and
they were both horrified and traumatized to find both that they
had been assaulted and that it had been captured for posterity
by Luster.

As I recall, Luster maintained a fairly arrogant and smarmy at-
titude during the trial but as the victims testified and the video
tapes were played he could see the reactions of complete disgust
on jurors faces as it became obvious to just what extent he had
damaged the girls. One morning defense counsel came to court
and his client did not show, having fled to Mexico.

Mexican authorities did not seem to be able to help the U.S. auth-
orities to locate Andrew Luster, but the trial continued in his ab-
sence, and he was sentenced to 124 years behind bars.

A manhunt ensued, a serious one. Nobody wanted an Ira Einhorn
type of deal where we waited years for justice.

Enter "THE DOG."

Apparently, although nobody in Mexico knew where Luster
was, our own Duane Chapman, longtime bounty hunter dubbed
"The DOG" for short, had received a tip and had a good lead on
Luster's . And he was just the the right man for the job. An ex-
con himself, Chapman had gone straight and was putting his
knowledge to good use. He was willing to help give people a
fresh start, a second chance - but he could also use his own
knowledge gained on the inside and from hunting down other
inmates to help him find Luster.

The Mexican government, it would appear, was not so happy
to have the DOG's help:


Well gee whiz. Had Luster been a citizen of MEXICO, the Mexi-
can authorities might have a bit of a better case but hello, he is
a US citizen. He is now back here, where he belongs, IN JAIL.
For a LONG time.

Can't imagine George W. is allowing our US Marshalls to be used
for this purpose, but then again, I can't imagine why he does a lot
of things.

And WHY cooperate with Mexico in arresting someone for bring-
ing back one of our own citizens for the prosecution of a crime he
committed here in the United States? If Scott Peterson had made
it across would have just kissed him goodbye and bid him adieu?
Has our government just gone just completely insane? That was
a rhetorical question just in case anyone was wondering.

Yesterday we found out that we DIDN'T fire on armed insur-
gents for some reason that nobody I know (liberal or conserva-
tive) can quite comprehend even though we could have done
with no loss of life to our own troops or collateral damage to ci
ties or daycares or the like.

Now today, we find out that we've arrested one of our own citi-
zens at the behest of another country so that we can EXTRA-
DITE him to that other (other meaning you know, "foreign")
country so that they can prosecute him for kidnapping one our
citizens. Oh, and by kidnapping I do actually mean retrieving
that citizen from the foreign country and bringing him back to
the United States for the lawful imprisonment for the heinous
crime of which he was legally convicted under United States
law. Guy should get a medal.

P.S. Yes I KNOW. The "DOG" and his ensemble are a little,
well... But anyway. Love 'em. Can't help it. I'm addicted.


kathi said...

I was floored when I heard this story! Completely ticks me off!!

leo myshkin said...

yeah, but they didn't have the balls to arrest beth.

Sydney said...

laughing at Billy. Nope, no WAY would they have had the balls to arrest Beth. Plus, I have to wonder...

The son? Lelund Chapman? I know he was on the Mexico hunt but I'm not sure how he got arrested on this. In 2003 was he even over 18?

I don't think these 3 are really going to get beyond the extradition hearing in the U.S. given that the "victim" in this case is in a U.S. prison for the rest of his natural life.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where the money came from. Did his family know where he was? and if so, they should be fined or jailed for letting this slum have access to funds so he could keep doing what he was doing.
They found rape stuff in his home which showed that he was going to continue to rape someone again.

Sydney said...

I'd like to know where the money is COMING FROM NOW. You know, the money that would tantalize two different governments to hunt down an American citizen in what is essentially a non-issue?

Anonymous said...

Nope. The man is innocent. Chapman is a crackhead and a liar-not to mention a convicted murderer.

Anonymous said...

National Enquirer
by: John Blosser and John South
November 20, 2006
Pg. 40-41
'Bounty Hunter' spends up to $2,000 a month. Instead of walking the straight and narrow, eyewitnesses claim Duane Chapman is breaking the law.
"Ive seen him so messed up that he couldn't get to his office to film his TV show".
Duane Dog Chapman is a crackhead, several eyewitness sources have exclusively told The ENQUIRER!
The mullet-haired felon chaser has been smoking crack cocaine since at least 1995, say the eyewitnesses-and spent up to $2,000 a month on drugs, a blockbuster ENQUIRER investigation reveals.
And in one of the most blatant examples of celebrity hypocrisy ever, Dog urges the lawbreakers he collars on his hit A&E show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to go straight and kick drugs-while he gets higher than a kite, according to those close to him.

"Duane Chapman is a phony! I know-because I'm his crack dealer!" tatooed blonde Linda Heigle, who's been selling drugs to Chapman since March 2005, to The ENQUIRER.

"I've sold crack to him, smoked crack with him more than 100 times and seen him so messed up that he couldn't get to his office to film his TV show!

Chapman's former girlfriend DaLana Duncan also claims she smoked crack with him in 1995 and again in 2005 in Denver. "Dog is a cokehead. He snorts it, smokes it and eats it," DaLana told The ENQUIRER.

"He WAY overdoses it-and he can't get enough. Once, I refused to give him any more drugs because I thought he was going to die!"

Sympathy poured out for Chapman-whose top-rated show is in its third season-after federal agents recently arrested him for extradition to Mexico.

But the night before his Sept. 14 arrest, Linda says he bought $200 worth of crack from her-and he bought another $100 worth of crack from her before authorities hauled him off to jail the next day!

The extradition case is now on hold-but in the months leading to his arrest, Chapman blew thousands of dollars on a wild drug spree.

"Dog bought about $2,000 worth of crack a month from me for about a year and a half," said Linda, who passed a polygraph test.

"He'd usually buy crack from me twice a week, for hundreds of dollars at a time. He'd pay in cash so his wife Beth wouldn't find out.

"The first time we did business was in March 2005. Duane said he'd pay me $2,000 for a girl and drugs. I sold him five grams of crack, but he wasn't capable of having sex after we smoked it."

Shockingly, Chapman smoked crack inside his Oahu, Hawaii, home while his children were sleeping, according to Linda.

"If the kids were getting up, he'd go into the bathroom," she said. "When his wife was sleeping, we smoked outside in his car or the garden."

Smoking crack also triggered severe paranoia in Chapman, says Linda, who adds that he once spent two years in a Texas prison on murder charges.

"Duane would think someone was filming him or recording him," said Linda. "He would run around the house, checking the windows and doors to make sure they were locked."

What's more, Chapman-who claims to be a born-again Christian-even got high before taping his show, according to Linda!

"He'd smoke all night before filming his TV show. Then he'd be too high to go do the show," said Linda, 41, who's moved from Hawaii to California to escape her druggie past.

"Beth would be calling, cursing and saying,'I've got 20 producers here waiting for Duane.' But Duane wouldn't leave. He wanted to stay and keep smoking crack.

"I'd have to shove him into the shower, pour coffee down his throat and then get him to take a Valium to bring him down."

Tawny Chapman, who was married to Dog in the early 90's, also says she witnessed his crack use firsthand.

"Two years after we separated, I went to his house and the kids were all home. When Dog opened his door, he was smoking a hit of crack," Tawny told The ENQUIRER. "The pipe was in his hand.

He said, 'Mind your own business!' and physically threw me down six steps into the yard.

"Dog is always talking about rehabilitating people on TV, but I know him for the phony he is. I can't stand his hypocrisy anymore."

Chapman even smoked crack with his son Christopher, according to those close to the family. Now 37, Christopher is in a Colorado jail.

"Christopher told me he was smoking crack all the time with Dog in 1996. He blamed Dog for getting him hooked on crack and so do I," said Gloria Hecht, who raised Christopher from the time he was 5.

Chapman's ex-girlfriend DaLana Duncan also confirmed the "Bounty Hunter" used drugs with Christopher. "One time I picked Dog up at a hotel in Denverand he told me that he and Christopher had been smoking crack for five days," said DaLana, who also passed a polygraph test.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER about claims by Linda, DaLana, and Gloria that he smoked crack, Chapman said, "They're all lying."

Asked if he ever smoked crack, he answered:"Why would I tell you that?" Then he insisted that he's "never" smoked crack cocaine-adding:"I have a lot of enemies right now because of this thing in Mexico."

Despite his denials, Linda claims she only has Chapman's best interest at heart.

"I'm revealing the truth about Duane Chapman to make him get help before it's too late," she said. "I don't want him to die."

Anonymous said...

Heir's date-rape trial loses its Luster

New Zealand Herald
By ROGER FRANKLIN Herald correspondent
"But in the meantime, even readers of the supermarket tabloids can't help but have noticed the inconsistencies in the prosecution's case.

For starters, police admit that repeated searches of Luster's home turned up not a drop of GHB. The closest they came was a collection of small, screw-top bottles bearing hand-lettered labels like "knock-out drops," "frigid fluid" and "lollypop juice".

When a police witness produced them unexpectedly on the witness stand, Luster's lawyers objected. Did they contain GHB? No. Well, what was the clear liquid? The forensics expert insisted he didn't know because lab tests were taking longer than expected.

Later, the same lawyers evinced mock surprise, saying the fluid was nothing more than tap water. The vials, they said, were innocent props for Luster's pornographic home movies.

In one of those videos, which the judge refused to admit as evidence, Luster rebukes a sex partner for appearing too alert."

Sydney said...

Right. The Enquirer. Supermarket tabloids. And anonymous posters to this blog. WOW. I'm convinced.

When you make accusations against someone you have to PROVE them. The accusations against Luster were proven. IN COURT. Hence his life sentence.

Anonymous said...

you must admit though innocent or guilty i feel bad for anyone on trial in america. your guilty either way unless theres so much proof on your end there cant be questions but then usually the prosecution wont try anyways. its really sad that the prosecution could care less about the truth as well all they care about is a win to make theyre record look better, the same way a policeman could care less if your driving endangered anyone all they care about is that they write enough tickets

Anonymous said...

If you can't tell that DOG is a crackhead just by LOOKING at him, then your beyond anyone's help.

Anonymous said...

Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico. Duanne Chapmen, the scum that calls himself Dog the Bounty Hunter broke Mexican law. He is on bail from Mexico. The Mexicans should send a bounty hunter to drag this scum back to Mexico.

He broke the law in Mexico, Americans think they are immune from prosecution when they break the law in a foreign country.

Recently this scum "dog" has been recorded using the N word.

He is also a convicted murderer. His own daughter has stated that the "dog" Duane Chapman made her have sex to pay his drug debts. The man pimped out his own daughter. She has passed a polygraphed.

Anonymous said...

"scum dog millionare"<< sad but true