Saturday, September 16, 2006




This can only mean that the shrubster is going insane. I mean,
we already know that I'm insane. Ergo --- See?

Kind of it was only a matter of time though. We ARE both
from Texas. Well, he's at least as much from Texas as I am.

But the Baby Bush had a press conference yesterday and in it
he said something akin to the following (I'm going to paraphrase
of course because my brain is far from being memorex about
anything anyone says (unless, of course, they happen to be dat-
ing me at the time. Then, I'm lethal.)

Anyway, W said that he was in opposition to the 700 mile long
fence that would separate us from Mexico because what we real-
ly need is a piece of legislation that presents a comprehensive so-
lution to the illegal immigration problem. (no shit, he said the
word comprehensive.)

He said that Mexicans come here temporarily to work and they
do jobs that Americans do not want to do and that also, some of
them, some 10-11 million of them in fact, are living here with
their families and have had children here and that to suddenly
just construct a fence and to try to find and throw out 10-11 mil-
lion people from just ONE country with no guest worker program
in place is a little how shall we say, ambitious? foolhardy? silly?
STUPID? Doesn't make much sense?

He didn't even get into what I think and what I feel he knows are
the even larger questions of, how would you fund it? What about
the illegal aliens from Canada, Armenia, Yugoslavia and all of the
other countries who number in the millions themselves? Why
are we picking out one country? What of the cost of manu-
factured goods when we "throw out" the people who are making
things for us (like chicken for example) for $8 an hour when we
can't get our own folks to work for that price. And hey, if you can
find folks to do that, send them to Georgia and Alabama, we could
use the labor.

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