Saturday, September 23, 2006


I can't believe I've resorted to blogging about past American
Idols, but there you have it. Here goes:

Apparently ---> Clay Aiken Deserves Some Respect

Actually, Clay Aiken seems like a niceish sort of guy but...

Yeah, you knew the but was coming right?
I'd have more respect for him if he just said to the "gay question"
one of three things, and truthfully mind you.
1) yes
2) no
3) none of your bleeping business, next person to ask me gets a
hatchet to the head.

Secondly, is there some moral high ground to taking paxil but NOT
going to therapy along with it? Since when is it somehow "holier"
to go it on your own rather than get very good psychotherapy or
counseling? PARTICULARLY if you are experiencing something
that could really be helped via psychotherapy, like anxiety at-
tacks? Or would you just prefer to pop paxil the remainder of
your life and live with your panic attacks? I wasn't aware that
attendance at counseling sessions was such a shameful thing in
the first place, so I just find his position on this topic odd
in this regard. But... Whatever. To each their own and all
of that rot.

Anyway, yes yes, nice guy, beautiful voice, I just wish he wasn't
so namby pamby sometimes. But then again, I'm probably just not
taking into account his sensitivity.

He is gay after all.


Anonymous said...

Please pick up the latest edition of People to get the real facts about Clay.
Gay? Not a chance.
Sick and tired of denying it? Oh yeah.

Sydney said...

Oh for God's sake, I'm JOKING! That's the entire point isn't it?

You saw the way I did that right? Deftly brought the reader all the way back around to my punchline?

Argggghhhhh!!!! I shall now go blow my brains out.

Besides. He looks way too gay to really BE gay.

Sydney said...

(Besides. He looks way too gay to really BE gay.)

You know, in the same way Liberace and Lance Bass looked too gay to really be gay...


But I forgot, People Magazine knows All...