Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is it Just Me?

Or was anyone else out there unaware that in addition to the other bad
things that can happen to you on the road whilst driving, we now must
also look out for


What? There are pipelines carrying liquid nitrogen sprinkled around
the country just off the roadway? I mean hell, ANYONE can run off the
road in a second due to falling asleep, turning around to see what a
child is doing, answering the cell phone, EATING in the car... (ok, so
I'm a major offender vis a vis the eating in the car thing, but anyway)

I mean, it happens. People make mistakes. Usually, the worst that
could happen would be hitting a tree near the road. Not that hitting
a tree is a great and healthy thing to do -- but I was just unaware
that you could also be blown to Kingdom Come by random nitrogen ex-

1 comment:

The Seeker said...

If it's your time... there are worse ways to go. Say being neatly severed at the waist by an elevator...