Saturday, August 19, 2006

Write 100 Times in a Row

I will never attempt to help the unfortunate and disadvantaged
again. Particularly if they have a history of substance abuse. Be-
cause I am a huge (figuratively of course) moron. So, I've been
trying to help this girl who cleans at our chicken plant. True, she
has a history of DUI and some other alcohol related offenses, how-
ever, she has been passing all of her drug and alcohol tests.

I've been letting her clean my house for extra money (while I'm
there) and she's been doing a great job both there and at work for
several months. The one rule is: nobody else is to know where I
live. She can't drive, so I provide her transportation along with
another supervisor at work.

So... this weekend Dylan and I went to my grandfather's funeral
in Colorado. Friday through Monday. The girl was fine and doing
her job Friday. She was fine Saturday afternoon. Umm then...
Not so much.

She drank every drop of liquor in our house. She brought a crack
dealer over and they had a crack party. Gee, fun. They stole all
of Dylan's electronics and his van and pawned all of his stuff.

This is what we came home to on Tuesday after a hideous funer-
al experience out of town. I must have been Jezebel in a former
life or something.

Update: So yes, I have been Jezebel. Both in this life probably,
upon occasion, and in former lives. However, the girl who stole
my belongings along with her compadre has called me, confessed,
and has recovered most of Dylan's belongings and has told me
where to find the rest.

She also told me where to find his van, which was unharmed. She
will pick up the rest of his belongings, which she pawned, when she
gets her check in the morning. With me of course. I don't trust her
THAT much.

Law enforcement remains another matter altogether. I don't know
how much I can shield her from grand theft auto. It may not be
within my purview to drop those charges, as much as I hate to say
so. She is very remorseful and is doing her best to make us whole.
Which is more, I suppose, than most thieves do?


Nit Wit said...

That really sucks Sid, for you and Dylan. Sometimes you can't help people. That crap takes them over and the pushers keep them on the string to protect their income.
It is just lucky that they didn't hit you when you were home.
Hope your insurance covers everything.
I also hope it doesn't poison Dylan's opinion of other people.

Sydney said...

Umm, our premiums are too high to make insurance claims and not get eaten alive next year.

Yes, it has colored any objectivity Dylan may have had (which wasn't much anyway - he's my son after all).

They found the van - trashed - and the girl called with the location of the pawn shop now that she's sober but I can't get the police to respond until Monday. So on Monday I'm going straight to the DA.

The Seeker said...