Saturday, August 26, 2006

And While You're annoyed about That Last One

Be Prepared.

Burger King is not the best place in town to get hit by an automo-
bile. That is, not unless you happen to have the $1.04 to pay them
for ice to put on the injury you suffer when the car throws you off
of your bike.

That's right folks. Burger King charged a youngster who had been
hit by a car for ice to put on his injured ankle.

You can email the writer of the story about the incident here, with
your fond words regarding Burger King's policies. I'm going to do
so. And if I'm not assured that they've taken some corporate re-
sponsibility regarding personnel changes and training then that's
right folks! No more CHICKEN FRIES for me!

Jennifer Roy can be reached at 781-398-8005 or
She is the writer of the story for the Daily Tribune.

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