Sunday, December 24, 2006

Umm... Yes

When I said that there would be the occasional dash of wit in my
blog? I did NOT MEAN that it would be RIGHT THERE in the
the header where the very WORD OCCASIONAL has been
spelled incorrectly lo these past however long... (how the hell long
have I been here anyway?) Nevermind. That's not the point.
Not once mind you. Oh no. Twice. How high do you have to be
to do that twice? I'm talking about you not TELLING me vis a vis
that question just in case you were wondering, and not about me
doing it in the first place, although I can see why you might have
been confused.

Are you the same group of people who would let me, your friend,
walk around with parsley in my teeth and not said anything at all!?
Well! Are you? Yes. You are. You are exactly that same group of
friends. I know you well.


Nit Wit said...

Hmm do I say I'm sorry for not nitpicking or admit that I didn't notice? :)

Sydney said...

You can admit you didn't notice. Not SAYING anything is a cardinal sin. I mean Come ON, its me!

Clance said...

Long time no see!!! I lost you!! How are ya??