Friday, April 07, 2006

Ok, So I was Like

or rather, I am like - watching this special on country music. And
I was just realizing that country music fans are SUPER conserva-
tive. I mean, you can really get in trouble as a country Artist -
especially as a FEMALE country artist (for of course, that is what
the special is ABOUT - female country artists, and the complete
raw fucking deal they've gotten over the years, all of you male
bastards out there. Yep. I'll bet you had no idea you were keep-
ing the female crooners down did ya? Well shame on you! Say
500 Hail Mary's. I mean right now! I don't care that you're Jew-
ish, do it anyway!) Just kidding.

Anyway. Seriously. I had nooooooooo fucking idea that the en-
tire system of country music and radio stations and fan bases and
whatnot was so insular and incredibley backwards. It's really bi-
zarre. It's like having to watch the country elect Bush 100 times
in a row or something. Awww... don't get mad now Benny, but he
is REALLY DOWN in the polls and you know it. Ok, enough about
that. It is actually kind of an interesting little special on A&E. It's
called - are you ready for this?

Hairdo's & Heartaches

What? It IS! But actually, I really admire the women of country
music. They all seem really... I don't know. Tough. And not many
of them die of heroin overdoses, which is always sort of a plus, not
to mention a damn site better than you can say for the women of

Anyway, you can really get in trouble for saying or doing or even
for recording the wrong thing. Apparently, one woman recorded
a song called Unwed Fathers or something like that in the 80's
and radio stations refused to play it. Another woman recorded a
song about dating younger men and country radio stations refused
to play it. They were both deemed "too controversial."

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