Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wouldn't It Be Cool

If the Powerball winner was Bill Gates and... since HE didn't need
the money, he bought a huge parcel of land, or alternately, several
small parcels - and moved those thousands of mobile homes pur-
chased with our TAX $$ and sinking ever further into the mud in
"whereveritis" (Arkansas)? as a big F-U to to the gov for wasting
our money in the first place.

Like, with no further plan in mind. (like the g0v ever plans ahead)
Wouldn't that be cool?

Because I would love to help so many of those families waiting for
homes and this is just so unacceptable. It's just a furtherance of the
first FEMA fiasco. Our tax dollas stagnating. AGAIN.


nicole said...

I'm just thinking that if Bill isn't even gonna will his money to his own KIDS then he's probably not gonna be that into helping out underpriviliged families. Sad to say.

dreamgurl said...

Hi Syd, glad to see you're back!

.Ben. said...

I think it'd be cool if Bill Gates won the lottery. Then he used that money to buy a uranium enrichment facility, built a nuke. Then he nuked Oklahoma off the map. Wouldn't be any point, but it'd sure as hell be fun.

The Scarlett said...

Hey, Sydney... I'm still around. Hugs

AndyT13 said...

Hey Syd. Long time no chat. I hope all is going well.
Love ya!

Shadow said...

OMG! I found you!

Okay, you don't know me, but i found your blogster place and started reading from post one, took me a few days, and then i find you're gone! I'm glad i found you again because i enjoy reading you.

I hope you're feeling okay, and hope your family is well.