Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ok, So I HAD to Post This

Because its just SO DAMN CUTE!

I mean, if you like hamsters, like I like hamsters... (you kind of
have to sing that first line like a show tune and imagine people
dancing to it) and no, I'm not inferring anything about liking
them in that gerbiling kind of sense.

That's just... well... umm... hamster cruelty. And yes, you heard
that coming from me, ladies and gentlemen, the girl who eats
lamb and veal wantonly and with great abandon. And possibly
in the middle of orgies, although THAT I can assure you is just
an unconfirmed rumor begun my detractors and has absolutely
very little if any basis in the truth and never did.

Enough with the blathering and on with the cute-as-pie, estrogen
inducing, ovary follicle readying video clip:

The Hamster/Cookie Video

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