Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Think The Time Has Come

For me to tell all of you something. Nicolette Sheridan is in
Desperate Need. Get it? Desperate? Ha! I amuse myself.
Which is such a good thing, because so few others do. At any
rate though, the woman is in dire need of, yes. A face lift.

She now has that rather unfortunate California blonde
alcoholic chardonnay look going. And it is not pleasant.
But, you say to me - she is PLAYING a blonde chardonnay
alcoholic. She is probably only suffering for her work. I
have this to say in response. If this look is Nicolette suf-
fering for her work, then she makes Nicole Kidman's trans-
formation in "The Hours" look like amateur day. I think
you get my point. But, you say to me, you are such a bitch!
Yes. So true. And a shallow one at that. Where were we?

I first noticed the crumple about oh, ten or twelve years
ago. Why is this always so much more obvious in blondes?
I was saddened. Yes, saddened I tell you. Because despite
all appearances to the contrary I am never happy about
the loss of beauty. Except in anyone that one of my exes
happens to be dating or say... married to presently. But
other than that I hate it when beauty fades. In anyone.

And Nicolette Sheridan was uncommonly beautiful. Breath-
takingly so. She was simply a gorgeous creature in her prime.
And I still think with a good doc and a little conservative sur-
gery with some fine dermabrasion or other skin aftercare she
could once again be fairly wonderful looking. Something she is
not pulling off well at the moment. And yes, the above photo
DOES look nice. But it is oh so air brushed. I dare you to watch
her on HDTV without cringing. Someone needs to sit her down
and talk to her. Do not go gently into that good night Nicolette,
or is it quietly? Either way, don't do it!

Thank you, that is my vapid post of the evening.

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