Monday, March 05, 2007

I Am So Weirded Out

Over these news stories about expensive dinners. So what if Kanye
West eats $3900 worth of Curry? I am actually surprised you can
fly Curry in from Wales for $3900 to tell you the truth. I would
have charged one hell of a lot more to go to all of that trouble. But
then again, I'd look a lot better carrying the Curry.

Seriously though. Are there really so few people in the U.S. who
have blown a lot on dinner and some wine? Let me rephrase. Are
there seriously so few people in the U.S. who have gotten some guy
to blow that much on dinner and some wine? I KNOW I am not
THAT privileged. There are some people in Beverly Hills scarfing
down some awfully good food every night and washing it down with
some overpriced bottles of Opus One.

Back to the Opus One, did you know that a blonde with big tits can
actually present a receipt for 12 bottles of wine that says they cost
$212 and are a gift from her boss at the Canadian border and pay
substantially less tax even though it turns out that perhaps the bot-
tles really ARE Opus One and the like? Nobody notices. Then again,
I'm not a blonde. And the Canadians are probably way too smart
for that. Just sayin'

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