Saturday, January 07, 2006

Livers & Gizzards

Ok so... I have this little mass thingie on my liver. They are going
to do surgery on Thursday (laparoscopically) and take a sample of
it and a bunch of samples of my liver which they think the doctors
may have damaged by giving me too much iron. Ha! Wouldn't it
be WAY more fucking fun to damage your liver with too much al-
cohol? Anyway, its all too complicated and more importantly, BOR-
ING to go into - the medical minutieu of it, but the long and short
of it is that I'm having surgery Thursday.

I have this HUMONGOUS list of shit to get done before then and
Dylan is currently working on the first one, which is painting the
shed door in our back yard. (Get this, our insurance company said
that the door to our fucking POTTING shed. Our potting shed -
where we store PLANTS AND DIRT - which is and always has
been natural wood - has to painted. I said, why? They said, we're
afraid that rain could get in through the wood and damage con-
tents in the shed. I said, there is nothing in the shed. It's a pot-
ting shed. Notice how its NEXT TO THE FLOWER GARDEN?

They said, well, we'll drop your homeowners policy if you don't
paint it. Now mind you, I have never made a claim on my home-
owners policy. Not now, and not in the three years I had my old
place. What the fuck? But anyway, the insurance is cheap so we
are painting the FUCKING SHED DOOR.

Then there is the toilet. Right. Still not fixed. But obviously I
can't climb up and down the fucking stairs after surgery. So...
Gotta get that done. Right. Looking for a plumber now. Time
to call in the pros.

And then work. Oy vey. Seriously, work is fantastic. People
have just been handing me orders while nobody else is selling.
Which is a gift. Truly. It makes me look like a worthwhile em-
ployee since I'm making a lot of money for the company while
I'm having to take medical leave. So I am so grateful. And I can
hopefully pay my boss back for sticking by me last year when I
lost so much money.

So Dylan is home, work is great and my house is kinda sorta clean.
Life is good. :)


Carla said...

Oh, Syd! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope all goes well. :-)

nicole said...

FIRST and most important: I pray your surgery goes well and everything turns out okay!

Second: I've never heard of an insurance company demanding that someone paint something. I mean, talk about high maintenance!

coloradohurricane said...

My prayers go out to you Sydney

The Scarlett said...

I'm thinking of you Sydney. It's going to be okay!

dreamgurl said...

I'll pray for a safe surgery for you Syd. Take it easy afterwards, don't overdo it!

Amelia Sartoysha said...

I hope everything went ok with your surgery.

The Seeker said...

Hope all is well.

AndyT13 said...

Good luck with getting everything done Syd. I'm sure the surgery will go fine and all wil be well. Tons of love!

Gold-Coloured Glasses said...

Hey, are you all right?

The Scarlett said...

Where did you go? The spammers found you!!!!