Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Yes

The little Vids at the Bottom?

I'm just randomly changing out vids
with new vids I find amusing/interesting
annoying or whatever. I chose this vid
for a VARIETY of reasons. I am going to
list them in no particular order and be-
fore I get the hate mail, remember, I
never CLAIMED to be nice, nor did I say
I claim not to be an asshole.

1) I like Big Love a LOT
2) a WHOLE Lot.
3) I was wondering if ABC News would have
run the story if Ms. Nicholson had been less
say... attractive? Viewer appealing?
4) How far does that left tit have to stick
out of her shirt anyways, geez already, ABC!
5) This leads me to a further question. Has
Ms. Nicholson so embraced secular society
that she's gone in for a boob job? Cuz I'm
sorry, but if those are real I'll eat my...
I dunno, send in suggestions.
6) 'Course, I don't really care one way or
the other vis a vis the boob job/showing of
cleavage on national tv - just sayin'

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