Wednesday, July 04, 2007


That the Dutch are famous for their live sex shows
and things of that nature. (For enough money, you
can get that in Boystown [in Nuevo Laredo], or New
Orleans too... Just sayin')

But they've sunk to an all-time low now. And I'm
not really blaming the Dutch. Just a certain
group of broadcasters. Who have come out with a
new reality series. I'm not joking with this.


That's right. You, the viewer, gets to decide
whether Bob, Sally or Mary gets to go home with a
brand new organ or spend the rest of their misera-
bly short lives on dialysis.

How's that for entertaining the masses? Why are
we bothering with this drivel anyway? Aren't there
any Roman Colisseums free where we can just cut to
the really good stuff? You know, lions and tigers
mauling people to death, gladiators killing each
other for sport on live t.v.?

I have a question. Is the medical association so
loose in Holland that you can just bid an organ in
this manner and medical ethics there so lax that a
doctor would be willing to risk his license in this

Even in India where the sale of organs occurs daily,
doctors at LEAST make a show of not participating
in the practice by having the donors pretend to be
relatives of the recipients. So how is this getting
through the medical board?

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Aurelius said...

Ah.... if only gladiatorial combats were still permitted.... *sigh*

Sydney said...

Yeah. Life sucks.