Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Nicole

So actually, I've really been upset by Anna Nicole
Smith's death. I always liked Anna Nicole. I admired
her. She took a lot of heat for doing whatever the
hell she wanted to do. I think a lot of her entertain-
ment persona was calculated on her part. Perhaps so
much that it became a part of her, or difficult for
her to turn off when she wasn't in front of the camera,
but it was staged nonetheless. Which was brilliant.
That's one of the things I liked about her.

I wasn't, however, really crazy about this latest incar-
nation of her with Howard Stern. She seemed to be not
at all herself with him, and also, following the death
of her son. But I think Stern used the death of her
son to prey upon her at a time when she was weak and
needed support. Ok. So -

Let me just say at the outset that I don't like Howard
Stern. I think he did much to isolate Anna Nicole Smith
and to get her really screwed up on drugs. I think its
instructive that the drugs found in her hotel room had
HIS name on them. Also, that the drugs given to her
son were apparently from his stash of prescriptions.
Also, he had such control over all of her actions that
her nurse was afraid to call EMS without going through
him. Which in and of itself may have cost her any chance
she had of surviving the episode in her hotel room when
she first lost consciousness. Who knows what might have
happened if the nurse had called EMS right away instead
of calling Stern and then waiting for Stern to call back
as she wasn't able to reach him right away. Stern must
have been VERY controlling if the nurse was afraid to call
911 even though the situation was so dire that the body-
guard was providing CPR. Think about that for a minute.
That's a guy who had to have practiced some intimidation
tactics in the past.

I'm hoping that her mother, who has had such horrible
things to say about Anna, isn't the one who ends up rais-
ing the child. It doesn't appear that she gave Anna a
very promising start in life. I understand exactly why
Larry Birkhead tried to get the emergency order. He was
afraid, given reports of large quantities of different
prescription drugs in the hotel room and the fact that
this is the second person in the immediate family to die
of what seems to possibly be a drug overdose, that what
he believes to be his baby is in immediate danger if left
with Howard Stern. A man he has to believe is not the
best of caretakers if he has now been at least peripheral-
ly responsible for two deaths. That of Anna Nicole's son,
and now, Anna Nicole. I can understand Larry Birkhead's
sense of extreme urgency. I would be feeling EXACTLY the
same way. In fact, I think I would be frustrated beyond
all imagination. Because if it does turn out that Anna
Nicole's death was complicated by prescription medica-
tions, and all of the medications in the room were writ-
ten for Howard Stern, then that can only mean that for
the second time in a few months, Mr. Stern has given a
lethal dose of his own medication to someone else.

Its a wonder that some equivalent of Child Protective
Services in the Bahamas doesn't step in and remove that
child immediately for the pendency of these legal pro-
ceedings, at least until it's determined who the child's
father and righful guardian is.

Oh, and what's this deal with Zsa Zsa's husband? The
Prince? Hell, I don't even want to go there...

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