Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Alrighty Then

So. It's been a very long time since I've been depressed. I
mean, a really long time. I pay good money for medication just
to avoid that sort of thing. And it works usually. And everything.
So I am really pissed to be going through it right now. Because if
there is anything I hate, it's pain. Physical or emotional. And be-
ing the impatient type, I don't enjoy waiting around for it to go
away. Again, with either type. Not into that, "time is the best
healer," crap. I mean, I know its true. I just don't LIKE it.

So, I'm trying to sell a lot of chicken. Because making money?
Always makes me happy. That's right. I'm shallow like that.
And I'm in the process of setting up some dates. Nothing like
appeals to the ego from men to make one feel better as well.
Oh. And I went shopping today. Lots of new clothes. Retail
therapy. Always helpful. And the hair. Getting that done to-
morrow. Let's see. What other superficial, vapid thing can
I do... Maybe a good wax or dermabrasion. I've been consi-
dering some collagen injections. I'll keep you updated.


David said...

My old daddy used to say "There's the kind of trouble you can fix with a few beers, and then there's real trouble."

There was a time when I regarded Prozac and Diet Coke as The Breakfast of Champions, but hot wax, dermabrasion and collagen injections? Shit, dude, who'd be a lady? (Although the breast thing must be fun.)

Anonymous said...

wax, dermabrasion, collagen, shopping, success at work, new relationships....all these things to fill the pain left by that ahole.

Depression is a funny thing but not a laughing matter. I suppose we could talk alot about medication for chemical imbalances in the brain(depression) and how prozac and the rest of the meds are supposed to correct these. And, the fact that you still feel bad despite taking these meds. The reason why is because that dumbass hurt you. Plain and simple. You allowed yourself to open up and he stuck a fork in ya'. Your not wrong for doing that b/c thats what relationships are all about...but he just happened to be an ahole. (Yeah, saw the other post that got removed)

Its not depression, its pain. You cry, you cuss, you get angry, you plan revenge(always fun). But he hurt you. No antidepressant will stop that pain and i'm sorry. Your doing all the right things to get by this. Call your friends, plan a trip, plan a party. You didn't do anything wrong, he did. But you get the pain for now....and he gets to continue spreading it. I suspect there is a long trail of pain behind him and his family probably enables him.
But actually, there are probably alot of people who are better off now that he's no longer pullin' their strings and you can thank your lucky stars that you're one of them. Knowing how he is, the poor pregnant girl deserves some small amount of pitty here.
It could be you

"how funky is your chicken?"