Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here's the Sex Part

Ok, its only kind of like sex but I do pro-
mise sex in my blog and this may be the
closest we get to it unless I break down
and give my ex-boyfriend from a year
ago a booty call. (Which would never
happen by the way - just in case he's
reading this.)

But anyway, so... I'm getting the girls
done. I'm thinking something in a large
C cup, maybe a small D, but I'm not
sure I can pull that off - have to talk to
the surgeon about it.

He's probably going to think I'm really
weird because I've gone on an actual
umm... tittie hunt. So I have all of
these photos of what I like to call:
"Acceptable Breast Outcomes"
that I'd like to show the guy.

You know, kind of like if you were re-
doing the kitchen, you'd call the con-
tractor in and say, ok I'd like the
cabinets to be done in a dark satin
stain and to hang exactly 1 1/2" from
the floor, and NOT crooked either mind
you, I want those puppies straight and
aligned. The cabinets I mean.

Right. Okay. So I want my cabinets
hung MUCH higher than that. I mean,
they're already hung, I'd just like them

Anyway, the doctor I'm going to go to
was a sculptor before he became a sur-
geon and he has a certain aesthetic that
I really like.

1 comment:

DrDiSaia said...

That's not really sex...that's surgery. LOL.

Choose well and you will be fine.